A lot can happen over coffee – My entry for the Get Published contest

Plot idea:

This story is about a couple, who get deliriously attracted to each other, have a whirlwind romance and decide to share a lifetime, battling family opinions. Although hopelessly in love, they are both highly temperamental and perhaps not ready for the challenges of living a married life. Foibles and frustrations cost them their togetherness and eventually lead to a split. Family pressure that couldn’t win its battle in preventing their union, manages to accomplish a formal separation.

But that’s where this story really begins. They bump into each other a year later, causing those same butterflies to relentlessly flit around in their heads. For the single question that rings in both their hearts is whether their separation was worth it. Whether sticking around would have been a better choice to make. Whether they had really got over each other. And most importantly, do they really stand another chance.


She left office and was waiting impatiently for the lift to arrive, her faux leather bag clutched in one hand, and a working laptop in the other.  The plush lift arrived and she threw a quick glance at the people she was going to share the lift with. And then saw him. Composed and unruffled, he looked as charming as he had done on the day they had first met. Just at that moment, his eyes looked up from his Blackberry to the woman who had just boarded the lift. He looked clearly intrigued, even a little amused, and attempted a half-smile. She fumbled and just about managed to look confused.

In the twenty second journey together that followed, their minds unconsciously did a wild run through all significant moments they had spent, and the heart-breaking separation that had then seemed inevitable. She was in a heap of emotions, desperately trying to put up a show bordering between irritation and nonchalance when those clearly were not the emotions on top of her mind. On top of her mind, rather annoyingly, was pure worry about how she looked right now, and whether her recklessly loud heartbeats were audible to everyone around. He hopelessly continued staring into his BB, but couldn’t help the flutters in his heart that she had just caused.

It was a year since they had separated. After a year of marriage. A struggling marriage following a sensuous courtship. The inter-cultural marriage for which they had fought everyone who mattered. The marriage that had eventually succumbed to their own’ lack of compatibility’, as the lawyer had so effortlessly put it.

The lift reached the lobby and they stepped out, more slowly than the others. “Coffee? For old times’ sake?”, he asked, with what appeared to be genuine warmth. “Why not?”, she felt the words tumbling from her mouth. And they stepped into the coffee shop, both their heads spinning with excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead. All for old times’ sake.


“This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.”

If you like this excerpt and would like to read more of the story, please go ahead and vote for my story idea at http://www.indiblogger.in/getpublished/idea/577 (click on the red heart!)


36 thoughts on “A lot can happen over coffee – My entry for the Get Published contest

  1. Wow!!! Those few moments have been described so beautifully by you. I for one, can vouch for the fact that a lot can and does happen over coffee. Me and my husband were so close to being offered a lifetime membership at CCD 🙂 Jokes apart, even today when we are in the middle of disputes, we go back to the coffee place to revive our relation. Sometimes, it is important to be reminded of what actually made you fall for the other person. And you have done a great job with creating that picture. I will be looking forward to read what happens over that coffee date 🙂

    Good Luck with the contest!!

  2. Hi Priya,

    Wonderful story idea. Indeed, most of the love stories actually begin from where they end and this seems to be one of those. Separations happen because people don’t give their relationship time to settle down, to be able to weather the storms of life and the demands of everyday routine.

    I’m engrossed in the idea, would now want to read the story in paperback form 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

    P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


    My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

  3. Such a happy end. I hate to say this but distance is all you need sometimes to regather..or is it? Congratulations!

  4. A well written short story. It conveys great emotions. It is a very brief one, but felt as if it was a long one and we know them so well. Well Plotted. Great going! 🙂 Wishes!

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