Why wish for a girl child

Ma, you tell me Papa and you always wanted a girl.
You told me to study hard, to find my rightful niche
You gave me all the freedom you couldn’t have
Why can’t I then stay late to finish that job at work
Why can’t I freely drive the car I bought
Why do I need to keep reporting my whereabouts
To you, or Papa, or Brother, or Husband?
Why do I need to justify going with my boyfriend
Why can’t I enjoy a girls night out
Why can’t I go dressed as per the latest trends
Why am I solemnly reminded at every step that women are equals
Why does it take so much verbal reinforcement
Of a statement so utterly meaningless and flimsy

Why did you tell me times were different before
When women were suppressed
Did you mean we were actually safer
Was staying at home much better
Than losing your life or breaking your spirit while trying to live this ‘equal’ life
I am torn between the values you gave me
And what I see in the world I live in
I don’t understand why we need to suffer so much agony
And loss of freedom
Just because we are women
Women with a heart
Who choose not to commit
Dirty crimes on men.

The law is blind
Goodness is dead
What for do we have goddesses in this country?
So why at all did Papa and you wish for a girl?
What were you planning to offer me in this world?